The construction of the building, parking lot, and sidewalks was completed near the end of October. 

We are still waiting for Epcor to connect the power at the building and ATCO to connect the natural gas. Until we have these, we can not occupy the building (no heat, no lights, no water).  We applied for the appropriate permits in July 2014. ATCO have given us an approximate date for hookup (mid February) but we will still need power to operate any furnace.

Rink lighting installation is in progress. Of course, no rink lights until Epcor connects our power.  We currently have portable lights on site, and as soon as we get rink ice in good condition (see Rink Update above), we can light up for some evening skating on select nights.

Additional items like surround for waste bin, patio, fire pit, etc. will be done in the spring 2015.

We are all eagerly looking forward to having the community start to use the building.


Twin Brooks Community News
Ends Jan 31.  Unless.....

We have advertised on our website, in Community Views, and GPN School News consistently, and on community sign several times for volunteer to fill the role of communications / news director. This role continues un-filled.  I (the guy who has been doing it for about 4 years) am already serving on another very busy position of the Community League (president) and am no longer able to commit the time to do the news work as well.  As of January 31, there may be no further postings in the news publications until a volunteer from the community fills this role.

Communications Director: Keeps community informed by keeping out website up to date as well as put together sumissions for Community Views and other forms of media.

The Community League is a group of great people. We have a lot of fun working together and a strong focus on not over-working any individual to the point where they don't enjoy their community league volunteering experience any more.

So what are you waiting for? Step up. Step in.  And take a step toward making YOUR commmunity that YOU live in a much better place.

Contact: volunteer@twinbrooks.ca



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