is the time to step up and do YOUR part in the community!


We have several vacant positions that NEED to be filled immediately:

Sports Director: Primarily works with SWEMSA to manage the soccer program (indoor and outdoor) registrations, coaches coordination, equipment, tournaments, and other miscellaneous sports tasks.

Communications Director: Keeps community informed by keeping out website up to date as well as put together sumissions for Community Views and other forms of media.

Fundraising Coordinator: With our new rink and building, we need funds to run and maintain these.  We need someone to help gather a few people to do work of organizing and managing fundraising activities.

If these roles do not get filled, here's what will happen:

1. There will be no info going to community about any events, rink usage, building usage, etc.  The Community League will be as if it does not exist.

2. There will be no more community soccer programs. With nobody to do the work, it just won't happen. This will result in hundreds of kids no longer in soccer.

3. There will be no funds to run the rink or building, resulting in them being closed indefinitely and left to deteriorate (after 8+ years of hard work to raise funds and get them - what a shame!)


It doesn't take much to fix this. Just a few people to spend a few hours a month.

The Community League is a group of great people. We have a lot of fun working together and a strong focus on not over-working any individual to the point where they don't enjoy their community league volunteering experience any more.

So what are you waiting for? Step up. Step in.  And take a step toward making YOUR commmunity that YOU live in a much better place.

Contact: volunteer@twinbrooks.ca



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